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Here at Gary Howard Seafood we try hard to please the customers, and supply the best quality seafood available.


Our Seafood

Fresh Ocean White Jumbo and Medium Shrimp: Our shrimp come from North Carolina waters and are shipped fresh daily. The boats dock, the truck is loaded and we have our shrimp by noon the next day. There is no shrimping in the state of Virginia.

Fresh Fish: Our selection of finfish varies with availability. Only fresh caught fish are used. We have our widest variety of fish in the summer months when the boats catch a little bit of everything throughout the season.

Ocean Sea Scallops: Our scallops are one of a kind. They are sweet and completely chemical free, unlike those bought in stores.

Hand Picked Jumbo Lump and Backfin Crabmeat: Our crabmeat is local with hardly a shell to be found. The jumbo lump is nice, large, delicious lumps of crabmeat. The backfin in a finer meat with smaller lumps. Both have a spectacular taste that we know you will enjoy!

Famous Chincoteague Oysters: Our oyster are fresh, local, salty Chinocteague oysters, every oyster-lover's dream. The pint and gallons are well filled to assure you get a good measure, and the shell stock is culled single with no clusters.

Tom's Cove Clams: These are sweet, salty, and hand dug so there is no sand inside. Neck clams (steamers), are perfect for roasting, steming, or on the half shell. Cherries are great for casinos or single fried. Chowders are the best for soups and fritters, Something for everyones budget!


Our Crabs

Hardcrabs: Our #1 males are 5" and up. The body is large and the points are short, so you get more meat for the size. The female crabs in our waters are rather heavy, sometimes heavier than the preferred males. However, they are smaller in size. We will be happy to assist you in making any choices. We pride ourselves in having the best steamed crabs on the island, but we do also sell them live if you would like to do the job yourself. Orders are suggested for crabs since we are limited on our catch.

Softcrabs: Since we have our own shedding tanks, we do not buy from other sources, and usually are not the first to have softshells available. We sell them by the dozen or individually. We sell them live, or cleaned, wrapped, and frozen for your convenience. We will clean your purchase at no extra cost while you wait, if you so desire. The process of shedding a crab is very interesting, and we will be happy to better help you understand how it is done.



We will be happy to answer any questions about products we carry, availability, packing for travel, shellfish life-expectancy, and any other concerns that you may have.


We pack for travel!!!! Just bring your cooler and we do the rest. See what's fresh this week!!!! Please call or email for current prices and any other questions you may have!

Phone: 757-336-5178

Gary Howard Seafood no longer does shipping. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Driving Directions

Coming onto Chincoteague make a left at the stoplight onto Main Street. Follow Main Street until you reach Chincoteague High School, and make a right onto Hallie Whealton Smith Rd. Follow road to the stop sign and make a left onto Deep Hole Rd. You will come to a sharp right curve in the road and we are directly on the left hand side of the road.